Submit Abstracts

Note: This section is for submission of abstracts for oral and poster presentations. Ethicon Prize submissions please click here.


Abstract Submission Guidelines

The Scientific Committee welcomes the submission of free communications. This could be in the form of Oral or Poster Presentations.

The deadline for submission of abstracts is 10th April 2018. Late submission will not be considered. Only abstracts from participants who have registered and paid their registration fees will be considered.

Abstracts submission is to be done online via this page. Full submission instructions as well as guidelines follow.


Scientific e-Posters

You are kindly invited to submit scientific contributions to be presented during the meeting. As an alternative to the traditional printed paper poster, the CSAMM is pleased to introduce e-posters to the Annual Scientific Meeting 2018. E-posters will replace the printed posters and we are sure that you will share our enthusiasm for this innovative approach to poster presentation. As you will have uploaded your poster in advance there is no need to print and carry a poster to the meeting. This will save you the time and costs associated with printing and reduce the carbon footprint of the meeting. There will be monitors at the conference where all posters can be viewed.


All Abstracts must follow the required structure:

  • Introduction • Objectives • Materials and methods • Results • Discussion • Conclusions


Successful entrants will be emailed instructions on how to upload their e-posters for presentation after 10th April 2018. Your e-poster should be produced using the PowerPoint Poster template which will be provided. The content of the presentation should be of a single slide. E-Posters of different dimensions may be skewed/stretched/truncated when displayed on the monitors at the Annual Scientific Congress unless they conform to the template.

A maximum of ten E-posters adjudged to be of sufficient merit will be eligible for the top three prizes.

First prize: RM 1,000.00
Second prize: RM 750.00
Third prize: RM 500.00

In the event that none of the submissions achieves sufficient academic merit, no prizes will be awarded.